CP Alliance promotes the use of performance measurement to improve quality, patient experience, and affordability. We believe that better information will lead to better decisions by consumers, purchasers, providers and payers, which ultimately will lead to better health. In this work, we seek alignment between public and private initiatives.

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Better Information

CP Alliance works with measure developers and experts to press for health care performance measures that meet the needs of patients and families by:

  • Collaborating with experts serving on committees and workgroups in Washington, D.C., such as NQF’s Measure Applications Process;
  • Submitting comments and votes to NQF’s measurement endorsement process and distributing recommendations to our partners; and
  • Establishing criteria for meaningful and usable measures of performance.

CP Alliance’s work differs from other measure evaluators; we don’t evaluate just for usability but also for meaningfulness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Reporting on provider performance is a cornerstone of our vision of Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Health. CP Alliance advocates for sharing actionable information with:

  • Providers who are working to improve performance;
  • Employers and health plans that are making purchasing and benefit design decisions; and
  • Patients and family caregivers who are making choices about providers and treatments.


Better Decisions

Consumers and purchasers want to be able to make informed decisions on the value of care sought or received. CP Alliance drives change towards better value by advocating for:


How We Do Our Work

CP Alliance combines the knowledge and clout of more than 30 leading employer, consumer, and labor organizations to ensure our point of view is heard.

We do this by:

  • Supporting advocates on decision-making committees and workgroups;
  • Influencing public policy through comments on proposed regulations and requests for information;
  • Educating our partners and the public through forums, briefings, and educational materials; and
  • Bringing together consumers and purchasers to find and amplify their common voice.